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is India's end to end Provider of Complete Luxury Homes @ Affordable Prices. Start Envisioning your Home with complete Automation and Technology Solutions that make your Home a Palace with all the Luxuries you desire..

  • Luxury Recliner Massage chairs for your Living & Home Theatre Rooms
  • Large Screen LCD Tv's/Plasma in your home from 52+ inch to 108 inch
  • High Definition Projector & Complete Home theatre room with 7.1 channels
  • Mirror Lcd TV's (Switch on to see TV &switch off to see yourself in Mirror)
  • Luxury Massage Beds in Each Bedroom
  • Home Automation Switches for complete monitoring & automation
  • Water Proof LCD Tv's for Bathrooms/Swimming Pool Areas
  • Jacuzzi's and Steam Bath Equipment for Master Bathroom
  • Water Fountains & Inside Water bodies in your home
  • Fully Openable End to End Doors that make your house look large & open
  • Home Lighting and Dimming Solutions
  • Secure Biometric Locks (no more loosing or searching for keys)
  • Automated Blinds and Curtains to Open and Close at the Switch of a Button
  • Contemporary Kitchen will Automation solutions including Dishwasher & Oven etc

Contact us and we will arrange for our ChampionCruiser to pick you up from the Luxury of your Home to visit our Sites today.

Contemporary Interior Designs are the Hallmark of Champion Homes:

Contemporary interiors spell : clean lines, sculptural furnishings, art, neutral elements and bold color. Our contemporary style is exciting, urban, and fresh. Our Contemporary style represents simplicity of line, shape, and form. Lighting is exceptionally important and focussed on to highlight the contemporary interiors.

Engineered for modern and contemporary interiors, the Aqua Champion Bath®, with its unique and adjustable features gives a fresh finish to your bathroom and adds value to your home.